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Welner Enabled, Inc., manufacturer of the Welner Legacy accessible examination table for disabled, bariatric, and geriatric patients
Welner Enabled: Dedicated to accessible, compassionate healthcare for all

Sandy Welner, M.D., inventor of the universally accessible examination tableSandra Welner, M.D. pioneered the field of gynecologic care for women with disabilities and had a worldwide impact on promoting the care of patients with disabilities before her very untimely death in 2001.

Clinical Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Georgetown University Medical Center and the University of Maryland Medical Center, Dr. Welner established the Primary Care Programs for Women with Special Needs in Washington, DC in 1993. That program, based at the National Rehabilitation Hospital and Washington Hospital, was the first of its kind. Dr. Welner lent her experience and dynamic vision in this area to many other medical institutions that have followed suit with programs that more sensitively and specifically cater to providing medical care for patients with special needs.

Dr. Welner finished medical school at The Medical College of Pennsylvania at the tender age of 22. She completed an Obstetrics and Gynecology residency at Yale University, where she participated in groundbreaking research in infertility. She began her private group practice in Pennsylvania, before accepting a position to run a women's clinic in Atlanta, Georgia.

In 1987, Dr. Welner's very promising career was halted by an accident that left her grievously disabled. Tenaciously fighting to regain her independence over the next several years, Dr. Welner returned to medicine in 1991, completing a post doctoral fellowship in the Department of Ob/Gyn at the Yale University School of Medicine. During the journey of her arduous physical and neurological rehabilitation, Dr. Welner's personal experiences guided her along a professionally redefining path. Inspired and ever the creative problem-solving physician, Dr. Welner refocused her skills to address the gynecologic needs of women with disabilities and chronic medical conditions.

Her remarkable ability to communicate complex ideas in simple terms helped her patients better care for themselves, and drew those unfamiliar with the needs of the disabled to be more open, responsive, and even commit interest and resources. Her advocacy was real and heartfelt, and above all, selfless. Dr. Welner's research contributions to people with disabilities were substantial; she conceived of and completed a videotape to educate women with disabilities, their partners, healthcare providers, and educators on aspects of breast health for women with disabilities.

The range of Dr. Welner's contributions to funded disability health research spanned easy clotting in the immobile patient to the treatment of osteoporosis, to sexual response in women with disabilities, to the efficient use of antibiotics. When she couldn't get funding for her research, Dr. Welner paid for it out of her own pocket. That kind of determination propelled Sandy in each of her tireless efforts to promote recognition of the unique needs of the disabled woman.

Dr. Welner lectured nationally and internationally, and published widely on topics pertaining to women's health and disabilities, including seminars sponsored by state and government health departments. She was the recipient of a number of prestigious honors, including an acknowledgment for her outstanding service on the Committee for Underserved Women by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists; and the Clinical Achievement Award from The Society for Women's Health Research.

Recognizing some of the most fundamental disadvantages confronting many patients, Dr. Welner put her talents toward developing the first universally accessible examination table, known widely as the Welner Table. Dr. Welner's vision for responding to the demonstrated needs for accessibility through thoughtful inventions has inspired her legacy in Welner Enabled. Her remarkable efforts to help all the patients of the world are the driving force of the creative initiative that powers Welner Enabled and the products we will develop.

The influence of Dr. Welner's wisdom continues in the just published "Welner's Guide to the Care of Women With Disabilities," released by the renowned medical publisher Lippincott Press in November 2003. Welner's Textbook is the first text available to guide practitioners in handling the special problems posed by patients with special needs. And so, with Welner Enabled, we draw upon the patients, advocates, and colleagues, who so inspired Dr. Sandy's creativity, to answer the challenge with the next generation Welner Table, and more innovations to come. Thus will be Dr. Sandy Welner's destiny.

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Michael Welner, M.D., President of Welner Enabled, Inc.Michael Welner, M.D., is President of Welner Enabled Inc. Dr. Welner, one of
America's foremost forensic psychiatrists, is responsible for a number of groundbreaking innovations. Dr. Welner's casework has spanned numerous areas of the criminal, civil, employment, and family law, often focusing on frontier issues. These include access areas such as the ADA and other disability rights matters.

As founder of The Forensic Panel, he devised and implemented the first peer-reviewed protocols in the United States for forensic consultation. Under Dr. Welner's leadership, The Forensic Panel has achieved his vision of presenting 'the last word' to retaining attorneys, opposing counsel, and the courts. This has consistently helped to resolve cases without appearance at trial.

Dr. Welner has lectured on numerous forensic and clinical issues as an invited speaker, of among others, the American Bar Association, American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology, International Bar Association, Pennsylvania and Texas State Senate Judiciary Committees, and various medical center Grand Rounds, at venues around the world.

In his New York based clinical practice, Dr. Welner specializes in patients who fail to respond to treatment. Dr. Welner's patient advocacy, clinical foundation, and tenacious reliance upon evidence-based medicine guides Welner Enabled and the integrity of the project.



Barbara Welner, R.N.C., Chairman of Welner Enabled, Inc.

Barbara Welner, R.N.,C., is Chairperson of Welner Enabled. Trained in England, Canada and the United States, Mrs. Welner, a board certified gerontological nurse with over fifty years of experience, has worked with patients in a range of medical and surgical environments, in hospitals as well as skilled nursing facilities.

As the mother of a disabled woman who confronted the barriers of access, Mrs. Welner worked closely with Dr. Sandra Welner, her daughter, in developing her ideas to help others. Barbara Welner brings the compassion of her old-school patient-care professionalism together with the sensitivity of her own personal experience to inspire the best in our company’s legacy to the patients we enable.


Russ Douglass, Chief Operating Officer of Welner Enabled, Inc.Russ Douglass is Chief Operating Officer of Welner Enabled. Russ Douglass has over 34 years of management experience in both the automotive and semiconductor capital equipment industries. During the past 18 years he has held senior level executive positions with both private and publicly held enterprises.

In the mid nineties Russ directed a major capital equipment manufacturing start-up, building it from a $4 million to a $300 million dollar supplier of equipment to the semiconductor industry.

Mr. Douglass has extensive experience developing businesses in the Pacific Rim as well as managing operations in Europe for the development and/or transfer of critical manufacturing or process technologies.

Russ has an Honors College, BFA from Ohio State University. He has completed all the course work for a MS in Human Relations and Organizational Development from the University of San Francisco and is a graduate of the General Managers program at the Levy School of Business, Santa Clara University.



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