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Welner Enabled, Inc., manufacturer of the Welner Legacy accessible examination table for disabled, bariatric, and geriatric patients
Welner Enabled: Dedicated to accessible, compassionate healthcare for all

for Improving Accessibility with the Welner Legacy Table

Section 44 of the Internal Revenue Code was created in 1990 to help small business cover ADA related access improvement expenditures. This incentive provides a 'tax credit' that can be used for equipment such as the Welner Legacy Table.

The Welner Legacy Table is clearly defined as a product / equipment designed to provide access to people with disabilities. The hi-lo capability and 650 pound weight capacity provide the health care giver the ability to offer services to people with mobility disabilities, geriatric and bariatric patients. Through the offering of services to the disabled patient the health care giver meets an important segment of the ADA requirement.

The amount of the 'tax credit' is equal to 50% of the eligible access expenditures in a year with a maximum 'tax credit' of $5,000.

Importantly, 'tax credit' is an amount that you may subtract from your 'tax liability' after you calculate your taxes, while a deduction is subtracted from your total income before taxes, to establish your taxable income.

For Example: if you have calculated taxes and your total tax liability is $14,000
under the example of the 'tax credit' application outlined
( if you met the qualifications prescribed in IRS section 44 )
you could reduce your tax liability by $5,000 or have a 'new' tax liability of $9,000

If you qualify you could reduce your tax liability by $5,000 in the year you purchase the Welner Legacy Table and begin providing exam and procedure access to people with disabilities.

Further information related to 'qualification' requirements are outlined on the following web sites

'tax incentives'

'title III ADA guidelines for accessible design:'


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